We are Phil and Dianne Nordan and we accepted the Lord's plan of salvation in 1983.  Where we are today, we owe to the mercy and grace of the Almighty and two individuals - Mr. Phill Simpson (now with the Lord) and Mr. Ralph H. Mount (now with the Lord).

     I met Phill Simpson in 1985 and in the same year, he introduced me to his mentor, Ralph Mount.  Both of these men were tremendous servants of the Lord and very dear friends and supporters of Israel.

     Ralph Mount taught me how to study the Bible.  On many occasions, I would call him with questions and he would never answer them directly, but told me where to find the answer -- in the word of the Lord.  You must remember, the only inspired word is the Hebrew Old Testament and the Greek New Testament.

     Thanks to the efforts of Al Greenway of Ocala, Florida, I was able to acquire Ralph's model of the Wilderness Tabernacle and his collection of books, totalling about 2,000.  Many of these books were written in the 1800's when books were written for historical reasons instead of for profit.  All of these items are now available in our Museum in Monroe, North Carolina.

     Come to see us and/or enjoy our website.  We love to talk about the Tabernacle and discuss scripture.