How Many Crosses at the Crucifixion

Two Robbers (lēstēs) Reproach Jesus

 MATT.27v38 Then two robbers are-being-crucified together-with him, one out-of rights and one out-of lefts.

 MATT.27v39 But the (ones) proceeding-along were-blaspheming  him moving their heads

 MATT.27v40 And saying:  The (one) overthrowing the sanctuary and building-up in three days, you-save-yourself, if you-are son of-the God, and you-descend from the cross.


Two Robbers (lēstēs) Reproach Jesus

 MARK15v27 And together-with him they-are-crucifying two robbers, one out-of right[s] and one out-of left[s] of-him.

 MARK15v28 And the scripture was-fulfilled, the (one) saying:  And he-was-figured with lawless (ones).

 MARK15v29 And the (ones) proceeding-along were-blaspheming him moving their heads and saying: Aha the (one) overthrowing the sanctuary and in three days building-up.

 MARK15v30 You-save yourself, and you-descend from the cross.


Two Criminals (kakourgos)  One Asked Jesus For The Kingdom

 LUKE23v39 But one of-the criminals having-been-hanged was-blaspheming him, saying:  If you yourself-are the Messiah, you-save yourself and us.

 LUKE23v40 But the different (one) having-answered was-rebuking him, saying:  But (are) you yourself not fearing-for-yourself the God, because you-are in the same sentence?

 LUKE23v41 And we on-the-one-hand justly; for we-are-taking-back worthy-(things) of-what-(things) we-practised; on-the-other-hand this (one) practised not-one-thing out-of-place.

 LUKE23v42 And he-was-saying to-the Jesus: You-be-made-mindful of-me Lord, at-the-time-that you-might-come in to-your kingdom.

 LUKE23v43 And the Jesus said to-him: Amen I-am saying to-you, today you-will-be with me in the paradise.


Two Hence and Hence

JOHN19v18 Where-in-which they-crucified him, and with him others two hence and hence, but (in) midst the Jesus.


There were two robbers and two criminals.  The Holy Spirit did not use two

different Greek words for no reason.  His word does not lie!