Jehovah’s Word Concerning Death

We must all face a period of time when we will leave this earth.  It is the culmination of life here and is extremely important.  Therefore, it would certainly seem that throughout the Word of the God, significant information concerning this particular experience would be found.


To begin to understand this subject we need to understand those portions of scripture concerning the “transformation of Jesus the Messiah” while He was on the earth.  This experience is recorded three (3) places and it requires reviewing each to understand the subject.  They are Matthew 17, Mark 9, and Luke 9.


Most English translations translate the Greek word metamorphoom “transfiguration” which is totally wrong.  In fact most English translations say Jesus is transfigured and Satan is transformed (2 Cor. 11:14) which is backwards.  The English word for transform comes from the Greek word metamorphosis and can be described by the butterfly.  When a little, ugly, caterpillar ceases its normal activities it makes a total change from its normal life, it ceases to seek food and begins to weave about itself a cocoon.  When complete the caterpillar is encased in total darkness and stays there approximately two(2) weeks or if this occurs in the fall he stays all winter.  After this time or when the weather begins to warm an opening is made in the end of the cocoon and out comes a beautiful butterfly.  To be transformed means to be changed from one thing to something totally different.  The caterpillar is transformed into a butterfly.  To transfigure something is like transfiguring a Japanese Rock Garden into a Chinese Rock Garden.  Different but similar!!  II Cor.11:13-15 is very interesting!  “13. For the ones such-as-these are false-apostles, treacherous workman, transfiguring-themselves into apostles of-Messiah.  14. And no marvel, for the adversary is-transfiguring-himself into an angel of-light.  15. Therefore it-is not  a great-thing if his ministers also are-transfiguring-themselves as ministers of-justice: of-whom the finish will-be according-to their works.”  Satan and his ministers do this by teaching enough truth that they appear righteous.


(1) Now lets read Matt. 17:1-3 “1. And after six days the Jesus is-taking-along-with-himself the Peter and James and John his brother, and he-is bring them up into a high mountain privately.  2.And he-was-transformed in-front of-them, and his face shown as the sun, but his garments became white as the light; 3. And behold, Moses and Elijah were-seen by-them speaking-together with him.”  Jesus the Messiah had changed from the Son of man to the Son of God.  His garments became white as the light. 


(2) Now let’s read Mark 9:1-8. “And he-was-saying to-them, Amen I-am-saying to-YOU, that some of-the ones having-stood-and-still-standing here are ones-who by-no-means might-taste to-death till they-might-see the kingdom of-the God having-come in power.  2. And after six days the Jesus is-taking-along-with-him the Peter and the James and the John, and he-is-bringing them up into a high mountain privately alone. And he-was-transformed in-front of-them; 3. And his garment become glistening, very white as snow, such-as a fuller on the earth in not being-able to-whiten,  4.  And Elias together-with Moses was-seen by-them, and they-were speaking-together with-the Jesus.  5. And the Peter having-answered is-saying to-the Jesus, Rabbi, it-is fine for us to-be here, and let-us make three booths, one for-you, and one for-Moses, and one for-Elias.”


Remember, when Jesus was on the road to Emmaus after He had been stood-again by the Father, they did not know Him because he had received His heavenly body.


(3) Now let’s read Luke 9:28-32.  “28. And it come-to-pass about eight days after these words and having-taken-along the Peter and John and James he-ascended into the mountain to-pray. 29.  And with him to-be-praying the shape of-his face was different, and his vesture white flashing-out.  30.  And behold, two men were-speaking-together with-him, ones-who were Moses and Elias, 31.  Who having-seen in glory were-saying of-his exodus which he-was-being-about to-be-fulfilling in Jerusalem.  32.  But the Peter and the-ones together-with him were having-been-and-still-weighted with-slumber,  But having-watched-thoroughly they-saw his glory, and the two men, namely-the-ones having-stood-and-still-standing-together-with-him.”  In these verses we learn that Moses and Elias were discussing his exodus.  Most English translations translation the Greek word (exodos) exodus by deceased which implies that Jesus is going to die.  Jesus didn’t talk about His death, but His Exodus from this world.  Jesus the Messiah is God in the flesh.


As a believer, the Holy Spirit dwells within us since our earthly body is a Tabernacle for the Holy Spirit to dwell in.  When this body ceases, the Spirit returns to the One that gave it to us, the Almighty Himself.  Are we given any understanding about what the trip is like when our time on this earth is up?  Psalms 23:5, “Though we pass through the valley of the shadow of death we shall fear no evil.”  In Hebrews 13:5 we are given a great promise by the Messiah to all, who in truth put their trust in Him. The Messiah tells the believer, “I will never leave you, or forsake you.”.  Therefore, we know that as a believer we do go down into the valley of the shadow of death BUT we are not alone.  The true God will accompany us through this experience.  We are told in scripture that Messiah Jesus tasted death for His own.  Hebrew 2:9 “But the one having-been-made-and-still a certain small-amount less beside angels we-are-looking-to, namely Jesus, because-of the suffering of-the death having-been-and-still-crowned with glory and with-honor in-which-case he-might-taste of-death by-favor of-God in behalf-of every-one.”  He went down in the valley of the shadow of death, and went on through the horrible experience of death that those who truly cherish Him and have put their trust in Him will never taste death!  Matt. 16:28 “Amen I-am-saying to-YOU, there-are some of-the-ones having-stood-and-still-standing here, they-who by-no-means might taste of-death till they-might-see the son of-the-MAN coming in his kingdom.”  John 8:51  “Amen, amen, I-am-saying to-YOU, if someone might-keep the word namely-the mine, by-no-means might- he-observe death with-reference-to the age”.



We will experience an exodus from this body to the new one HE has for us in the presence of the Eternal God.  We are also told that He went down into the area of death and emerged victorious to become the firstfruit of all believers.  I Cor. 15: 20-23, “20. But at-this-instant Messiah has-been-and-still-is-raised out-of dead ones having-fallen-asleep-and-still-sleep: 21. For since-indeed the death is through MAN, also through MAN a standing-again of-dead ones. 22. For as-altogether in the Adam all are-dying-off, thus also in the Messiah all will-be-made-alive.  23. But each one in His own assignment: firstfruit Messiah, therefore the ones of-the Messiah in his presence,”  Now at the end of a believer’s life span, they can confidently and triumphantly go down into the valley of the shadow of death with no fear of ‘Death Itself’, the Messiah has taken that awful experience and delivered us from it.


So the point we understand in the departure of a believer is that down in the valley of the shadow of death they may see ‘death itself’, BUT they experience an exodus before actually entering into THE DEATH.  We are told in II Cor. 5:8 that the believer is to be absent from the body is to be present with the Messiah.  This exodus from the earth to be with the Messiah is in the “twinkling of-an eye”.  I Cor. 15:52, “ In a moment in a twinkling of-an eye, in the last trumpet; for a trumpet-will-sound and the dead ones will-stand-again imperishable, and we ourselves-shall-be-changed.”


What do we know about the place to which the loved one goes?  In I Cor. 2:9 we are told, “BUT according-as it-has-been-and-is-still-written: Things-which eye saw not and ear heard not and upon the heart of-MAN ascended not, things-which the God prepared for the ones cherishing him”.  We simply can not comprehend the place of God’s abode.  Are we told anymore about this place? Yes, II Cor. 12:4, “That he (Paul)-was-seized into the paradise (the third heaven) and he-heard inexpressible sayings, which are not being-legitimate for-MAN to-speak”. The apostle Paul tells of an experience in his lifetime in which he was carried up into the third heaven.  In that we have no vocabulary to deal with the subject, he tells us that it was not possible for him to describe.  We simply have no words.  In the New Testament the word Heaven appears 193 times in the singular and 93 times in the plural.  Very interesting!! 


Do we have any understanding of what the departed ones in Messiah are like in appearance?  In Phil. 3:21 we are told, “Who will-transfigure the body of our humbling conforming it to-the body of his glory, according-to the operation of him being-able also to-subject to-himself [the] all things.  Also, I John 3:1-2,  “YOU-see of-what-quality charity the Father has-given-and-still-gives to-us in-order-that we-might-be-called children of-God, and we-are.  Because-of this the world is not coming-to-know us because it-came not to-know him.  2. Cherished ones, we are now children of-God, and it-was not-yet manifested what we-shall-be.  We-are-knowing absolutely that if he-might-be-manifested we-shall-be like him, because we-shall-see him according-as he-is”.


The believers heavenly clothing is indescribably more beautiful than anything that could be obtained while in the mortal body.  The attire is now proper for the immortal body, for the kingly court they now inhabit.  Rev. 19:7-8  “7. Let-us-be-rejoicing and let-us-be-exulting, and we-shall-give the glory to-him, because the marriage of-the Lamb came, and his wife prepared herself,  8. And it-was-given to-her in-order-that she-might-cast-around-to herself a clean brilliant-white fine-linen garment; for the fine-lined-garment is the just-acts of-the holy-ones”.  And this is not the believer’s righteousness: Phil. 3:9, “And I-might-be-found in him, not having my justice, the justice out-of law, But the righteousness through trust of-Messiah, the righteousness out-of God upon the trust,”


What an amazing picture!  When our MESSIAH made His exodus from this earth, He did not bypass the horrible area of DEATH:  No, ‘HE tasted death for all’.  He did this in order that the believer could enter ‘the valley of the shadow of death’ with no fear and not alone.  There, the believer before ‘tasting death’ will exodus their old tabernacle to go immediately into the presence of JEHOVAH, having experienced metamorphous in route.  Psalms 17:15  “As for me, I shall behold thy face in righteousness: I shall be satisfied, when I awake, with beholding thy form”. 


The believer will awake in the presence of the REDEEMER to find that:

  They have the likeness of the TRUE GOD!

  With the likeness of God, they have immortality!

  Forever they will be sinless!

  They are clothed in the righteousness which is of GOD!

  And the believers are a joint inheritor of the entire universe: 

  Romans  8:16-17,


“The Spirit itself is-witnessing-together with our spirit that we-are children of God.  But if children, also heirs; on-the-one-hand heirs of-God, on-the-other-hand heirs-together of-Messiah, if-all-together we-are-suffering-evil-together in-order-that we-might also be-glorified-together”.


When we believe in and stand up for Jesus Messiah we will experience many tribulations but you will know it was worth it all when you see Jesus Messiah Jehovah!