Rabbi Meir Kahane

August 1, 1932 – November 6, 1990

In my personal opinion, one of the greatest Jewish leaders and spokesman of our time was Rabbi Meir Kahane. I have read over 5,000 pages of his writings and he truly understood what the Jewish people and Israel have to do to receive the blessings of the Almighty and to welcome the Messiah.


I have found very few people that knew his name say anything positive about his work. No one has read his writings or is aware of his philosophy. Their opinions are based on what they have been told. Rabbi Kahane has been called many names: racist, extremist, terrorist, radical, etc. Mainly because he told people what they did not want to hear. The liberal press has painted a very dark picture of Rabbi Kahane. If you believe the scriptures are the inspired Word of the Almighty you cannot refute his philosophy


One of his major goals was a “Jewish State”, not a gentile state with a lot of Jews living in it. Israel can never be a democracy like the USA. Why? Because in a democracy the majority rules. The Arabs want Israel to be a democracy so that when they become the majority which won't be very long there will not be a Jewish state anymore.


If you would like to know what Israel needs to do in the coming years to be in a covenant relationship with the Almighty, I suggest you visit the following web site which is filled with Rabbi Kahane’s philosophy and writings: www.barbaraginsberg-barbara.blogspot.com.


“There is no greater enemy and no surer destroyer of men of courage than conformity”.

               Rabbi Mier Kahane 1-7-1972