The Wilderness Tabernacle


Why study the Wilderness Tabernacle?


Revelations 13:6 – “and it-opened ( the beast) its mouth with-reference-to blasphemies towards the God, to-blaspheme his name and his tabernacle and the ones tabernacling in the heavens”.


If the Beast hates the Tabernacle it must be worth studying.


Ralph H. Mount, Jr. has produced the most comprehensive account of the Tabernacle I have ever read.  There are truths written in his works that I have never seen in any other work.  Mr. Mount was born in 1911, and he received his first model of the Tabernacle when he was about 14 years old.  During the 1940’s he started the model you see on this web site which is a 1 inch = 1 cubit (18 inches) model of real gold, silver, brass, shittim wood, etc.  As he studied and learned he made changes as his knowledge of the works of the Lord progressed.

His work is so important we have copied his entire book on this web page for your information and study.

To read the complete book, follow the links below as outlined by this index:


Part 1

Preface                                                                              4

Looking Back To Look Ahead                                       5

The Man Moses                                                               8

A Night To Be Much Observed                                   11

Part 2

An Offering That Was Too Much                                 14

Holy Things                                                                     17

The Tabernacle, Its Tent, and Its Covering                  25

Part 3

The Boards For The Tabernacle                                     30

The Two Veils                                                                   32

The Completed Structure                                               36

The Coverings                                                                  38

Part 4

A Heavenly Pattern                                                         43

The Law Prophesied                                                       48

Part 5

Thirty Pieces Of Silver                                                    56

A Place Of Refuge                                                            63

A Shadow Of His Body                                                   66

Part 6

That Veil Was His Flesh                                                  69

A Place Of Mercy                                                             73

The Clean And The Unclean                                          76

Part 7

The Garments Of The High Priest                                 83

The Service Of The Levites                                             88

Part 8

As Moses Told The Story To Aaron                              97

The End Of The Law                                                       101

Acknowledgement                                                          104