What Color Garments Did Jesus  Wear The Night He Was Tried?


Pilate could fine no fault with Jesus (John 18:38, Luke 23:4) and when he found that Jesus was not in his jurisdiction he sent Him to Herod (Luke 23:7).  Herod asked Jesus many questions but Jesus would not answer him so Herod and his soldiers mocked Him as King of the Jews.

Luke 23:11 “But the Herod together-with his armies having-treated him with-contempt, and having-mocked him, having-cast around him a brillant white esthes  robe he-sent him back to-the Pilate.”

Pilate was becoming very concerned about crowd control by this time because it was Passover and there were probably over one million Jews in Jerusalem and he had only approximately 4,000 soldiers.  He really wanted to free Jesus because it was the custom during this time of the year to release a prisoner but the crowd wanted Barabbas, a convicted murder.  Jesus was whipped and scourged several times and Pilate hoped this would be sufficient and he could release Jesus but the crowd wanted Him crucified.

John 19:1-3 “Then therefore the Pilate took the Jesus and he whipped him.  And the soldiers having-plaited a crown out-of-thorn-plants they-put it upon his head, and they-cast-around him a purple garment (Himation, a royal garment).  And they-said, Hail, the King of-the Jews; and they-were giving slaps to-him.”

Pilate was still trying to free Jesus but the crowd wanted Him crucified. Pilate gives in to the crowd.  Matthew 27:24-26 “but the Pilate having-seen that he-is-profiting not-one-thing, BUT rather a tumult is-coming-to-pass, having-taken water he-washed-off-for-himself the hands over-against the crowd saying, I-am innocent from the blood of-this just-one; YOU yourself-will-see.  And having-answered all the people said, His blood upon us and upon our children.  Then he-released to-them the Barabbas, but having-lashed the Jesus he-gave him over in-order-that he might-be-crucified.”

Matthew 27:28  “And having-stripped him they-placed-around to-him a scarlet chlamus.   They mocked Him as King of the Jews.  They spit on Him and hit Him.  Then they stripped Him of the scarlet chlamus.

Matthew 27:31 “And then they-mocked him they-stripped off him the chlamus, and they-clothed him in his garments; and they-led him away into to-be crudified.”

Scripture does not tell us what color garments Jesus wore when He walked the earth but I personally believe that from what we know about the Tabernacle and High Priest colors it was a blue garment which would point to His deity.