Who is a Neighbor?

We hear many times on TV and in general conversation and read in the Bible that we are “to love our neighbor as ourselves”.

Who is a neighbor?  Is it the guy next door?  How does the Bible define who a neighbor is?

LUKE10v30 But having-taken (it) up the Jesus said, (A) certain MAN was-descending from Jerusalem into Jericho, and he-fell-into robbers, who also having-stripped him and having-put-upon (him) blows went-away, having-let (him) go reaching half-dead.

31 But according-to (a) coincidence (a) certain priest was-descending in that way and having-seen him he-went-by-on-the-other-side;

32 But likewise also (a) Levite, having-come-to-be according-to the place, having-come and having-seen he-went-by-on-the-other-side.

33 But (a) certain traveling Samaritan came according-to him, and having-seen him he-was-moved-with-compassion,

34 And having-come-near he-bound-down his wounds, pouring-on oil and wine; but having-mounted him upon (his) own animal he-led him into (an) inn, and he-cared-for him.

35 And upon the morrow having-come-out having-cast-out two denarii he-gave (them) to-the innkeeper, and he-said to-him, You-care-for him, and whatsoever something you-might-spend-in-addition, I myself-shall-give-back to-you with my to-be-coming-back.

36 Therefore which of-these three is-seeming to-you to-have-become neighbor of-the-(one) having-fallen-in into the robbers?

37 But the-(one) said, The-(one) having-done the mercy with him.  The Jesus therefore said to-him, You-be-proceeding, and you yourself-be-doing likewise.


The Bible tells us the Samaritan was a neighbor but I do not think he lived next door.  I would

classify the Samaritan as a fellow believer as a result of his actions.  Scripture tells us to cherish

our enemies.  Cherish is a form of love as we know it but requires action, we should do

 something to help our enemies.  Love is the affection we have for our father and mother,

husband, children, etc.  


For a better understand of love see the study on “Love” under “Short Bible Studies”.