Who Was Judas Iscariot of Simon?

Judas Iscariot is one of the most misunderstood persons in scripture.  He is pictured as “betraying” Jesus with a kiss.  Because of what has been taught for almost 2000 years, people look at Judas through the eyes of a New Testament Gentile Christian.

Judas was not a Gentile, did not live under the New Testament and was not a “Christian”.  Remember, there was not a New Testament or New Covenant until the testator (Jesus) died on the cross. Hebrews 9:15-17.


If you believe that the Greek New Testament is the divine word of the God, you should not have any trouble understanding who Judas Iscariot of-Simon really was.


First of all, let us look at Matthew 19:28.  “But the Jesus said to-them, amen I-am-saying to-YOU, that YOU the (ones) having-followed me, in the regeneration, at-the-time-that the son of-the MAN might-be-seated upon (the) throne of-his glory, YOU yourselves will-be-seated also upon 12 thrones judging the 12 tribes of-the Israeli.” Note the emphasis on “YOU yourselves”.  It seems very clear that Jesus is telling the 12 apostles that they will sit upon the 12 thrones judging the 12 tribes.  Did Jesus lie to Judas?  I don’t think so.  Nowhere can I find in scripture that Jesus changed His mind concerning Judas sitting on one of the 12 thrones. 


Next let us look at Acts 1:16-17. 16. “Men, brothers, it-was-essential the scripture to-be-fulfilled which the Spirit namely-the Holy said-before through (the) mouth of-David concerning Judas the (one) having-become leader-of-the-way to-the (ones) having-together-taken Jesus.  17. Because he-was having-been-and-still-is-numbered-down among us and he-procured-by-destiny the lot of this ministry.”  This is a perfect tense verb; Judas was and still is numbered with the 12 apostles. 


Matthias was not the equal of Judas.  Acts 1:20 states, “Let (a) different (one) take his oversight”.  Different does not mean equal.  Acts 1:16 states that Judas was “the (one) having-become leader-of-the-way to-the (one) having-together-taken Jesus.  As Acts 1:25 states Matthias was “To-take the place of-this ministry and apostleship, from which Judas transgressed to-proceed into the place namely- (his) own”.


Revelation 21:14 states “And the city-wall of-the city having twelve foundations and on them twelve names of-the twelve apostles of-the Lamb”.  Judas is among the twelve because Matthias could not be called “an apostle of-the Lamb” having never been among the twelve original apostles.


Did Judas betray Jesus?  Let us look at the Greek word “paradidomi”.  It occurs 121 times in the NT.  The KJ translated paradidomi with 13 different meanings but principally: deliver 54x, betray 40x.  The word “betray” is reserved primarily for Judas 36x of the 40x.  Paradidomi always means, “to give over”.  Judas gave Jesus over into the hands of his enemies; he did not betray him.



The English translations state that in Matthew 21:29 that when Judas realized what he had done he “repented” which was impossible for him to do.  This occurred before the cross, there was no plan of salvation until after the death of the testator who was Jesus.  The Greek word is metamelomai, which is used 3 times in the NT and means “regret” not repent.


Was Judas a thief, traitor, and sinner?  Of course he was!  Was King David a murderer, an adulterer, and a polygamist?  Of course he was!  God said about David “…a man after his own heart,…” 1 Samuel 13:14


Why did Jesus not intervene for Judas as he did for Peter?  Luke 22:3-4  3. “But the adversary went-in into Judas the-one being-nick-named Iscariot, being out-of the number of-the twelve, 4. And having-gone-away he-spoke-together with-the chief-priests and the commanders the how he-might-give him over to-them.”  John 13:27  “And after the little-morsel, then the adversary went-in into that-one (Judas).  The Jesus is-saying therefore to-him, What you-are-doing you-do more-quickly.”


To Peter Jesus said Luke22: 31-32  31.”But the Lord said, Simon, Simon behold, the adversary demanded YOU (all apostles), to-sift as the wheat; 32. But I myself-petitioned concerning you (Peter), in-order-that your trust might not be-disappearing; and at-what-time having-turned-around you yourself-fix firmly your brothers.”  Yet Peter denied knowing Jesus three times.  Why?  Because Jesus prophesized he would deny him three times and he did.


Why did Judas deliver Jesus over to his enemies?  Because it was prophesized that Jesus would be crucified and Judas was chosen as the one to deliver him over.


Judas was a Jew under the OT law and as such will be stood again upon the earth and will welcome Jesus as his Messiah.  What Judas did was ordained of God, as the fulfillment of prophecy to prove scripture to us.  Judas will sit on a throne ruling a tribe, Jesus promised. (Matthew 19:28)


Always remember:

 “A false notion which is clear and precise will always have more power in the world than a true principle which is obscure or involved.”

Alexis de Tocqueville/French Historian